Remote-Controlled Mowers

Powerful, reliable remote-controlled slope mowers.

These units can mow steep grades along roadways, drainage ditches, riverbanks and earthen conservation dams quickly and safely.

They are ideal for city and county maintenance crews and parks and grounds maintenance contractors.

TracMow mowing a steep slope horizontally
TracMow enables you to

Safely mow troublesome areas

Steep slopes up to 45°
Dense vegetation
Drainage channels
Conservation dams
Banks of rivers, lakes and reservoirs
Steep slopes up to 45°
Dense vegetation
Drainage channels
Conservation dams
Banks of rivers, lakes and reservoirs
Walking trails and bike paths
Difficult-to-access areas
Mow large areas by using GPS automation
Environmentally friendly design
Walking trails and bike paths
Difficult-to-access areas
Mow large areas by using GPS automation
Environmentally friendly design

Features of TracMow Mowers

Tracmow model 95
  • TracMow mowers use an advanced hybrid electric drivetrain, driven by a powerful generator.
  • These units can climb and mow steep slopes, even up to 45° and can mow dense vegetation.
  • Use of tracks instead of wheels provides superior traction on slopes and on wet ground.
  • Units incorporate advanced operator safety warnings to improve safety in hazardous situations.
  • TracMow mowers use a radio frequency remote control system with a 650-foot range, allowing the operator to stand safely on solid ground while mowing.
  • Optional GPS Servo Drive system enables you to mow large areas repeatedly, without the continued guidance of an operator.
  • Multiple sizes and types of mowers are available so you can find the best fit for your application.

TracMow Accessories

TracMow has a variety of attachments and accessories that expand the capability of the mowers. Accessories enable you to:

  • Trim right next to fence lines and walls while you mow
  • Mow semi-autonomously, without the constant guidance of an operator
  • Transport tools
  • Clear snow
  • And more

What our customers are saying

"I have purchased two of the Barbieri TracMowers and have seen them work and am very pleased with them.

They are used to mow the facility grounds to steep ditches and slopes on conservation dams. Also ditches and slopes, intersections on high traffic county maintained roads, besides the over passes and guardrails. It is a good safety factor for the crew members."

Mike Simmons
Administrative Foreman Fleet Services
Denton County Transportation and Engineering

"Hi, my name is Adrian Pearson, I am the owner of 'AP Cutting Edge' ground maintenance company. We specialize in large commercial and steep, difficult terrain. I added the TracMow to my fleet and it has been a game changer! What once took 7 people with string trimmers a week to complete, now takes one person 8 hours. The TracMow is extremely effective and efficient on steep difficult terrain.

My customers are very satisfied with the results and we can now expand our customer base to accommodate customers with vegetation control on steep terrain. Texas/Virginia Mowing Solutions has provided me with excellent customer service.

They answer questions, resolve issues and maintain constant communication with me. The demonstration, purchase and delivery were seamless and a lasting relationship was established!"

Adrian Pearson
Owner of AP Cutting Edge Ground Maintenance Company

We purchased our TracMow 80 Pro in May of 2022 for our school district in Wyoming.

We have a large hill just off of our football field that we used to struggle mowing because of the slope and needed a different solution. While researching options we came across TracMow and their options in equipment, we needed something that could not only climb the slope of our landscape but also would make it look clean and trimmed for the public from either end.

With the TracMow 80 Pro we were able to achieve both of these goals with ease, we have been very pleased with the results we have experienced.

Now instead of navigating our hill with a push mower we can easily and safely stand at the bottom and operate this machine to make clean and precise cuts that are visually appealing from all sides.

Chris Davis
Maintenance Director
Park Co. School District 16
Meeteetse, WY

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