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About Texas Mowing Solutions

Having had several decades of experience maintaining cars, trucks, outdoor power equipment and small engines, we've come to recognize and appreciate well-made power equipment.

When we discovered TracMow mowers several years ago, we were immediately impressed with the power, durability and capabilities of the mowers.

We are a regional dealer for TracMow products, serving Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. We also provide training, parts, service and maintenance for all types of TracMow equipment.

TracMow mowing heavy brush

About TracMow Mowers

Many cities, counties and park maintenance crews have problem areas that are difficult to maintain. Areas such as:

  • roadside embankments
  • steep hillside slopes
  • soggy, low-lying areas
  • dense vegetation with small saplings

Zero-turn mowers, tractor shredders and riding mowers can safely and efficiently mow large, flat grassy areas. But steep hillsides pose a real safety issue. Too steep of a slope, and conventional riding equipment can slide out of control or even roll over.

Tracmow model 95

A Better Solution

Barbieri corporation, the manufacturer of TracMow equipment, offers a better solution, a tool that is a perfect fit for the job.

TracMow mowers are designed from the ground up to tackle problem areas that are hard to safely maintain with conventional mowing equipment.

Several aspects of TracMow's unique solution to the mowing of trouble spots include the following:

1. Pressurized engine lubrication system

Engines that operate continuously on slopes can be damaged by insufficient lubrication. TracMow uses a pressurized lubrication system to properly lubricate the engine even when operating all day long on steep slopes.

2. Rubber tracks to provide excellent traction

Mowers that use wheels can slide or tip over on slopes, endangering the operator. TracMow uses a wide stance and rubber tracks for increased traction and improved weight distribution.

3. Advanced, hybrid electric drivetrain for increased reliability

Saplings and thick vegetation can clog pulley and belt driven systems used on conventional mowers. Hydraulic motors commonly used in zero-turn mowers can leak, causing damage in environmentally sensitive areas.

TracMow uses electric motors with a gear-driven system to directly power each set of tracks. The motors are driven by a powerful generator, which, in turn, is powered by the engine.

The only belt used in TracMow mowers is the one that drives the blade.

TracMow's advanced drive system eliminates the use of hydraulics, making these units environmentally friendly, and the simplified design reduces maintenance costs.

4. Wireless remote control

Conventional mowing and trimming solutions place the operator right amid the trouble area that he's mowing. Often these areas are steep or overgrown. TracMow uses a long-range wireless remote control unit to allow the operator to stand on safe, level ground, greatly reducing the chance of contact with snakes, ticks and chiggers.

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About the Manufacturer

TracMow mowers are produced by Barbieri, an Italian company established in 1958.

Barbieri produces a variety of machines for small-scale and medium-scale agriculture and garden use and is known for its innovative, field-tested solutions.

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In our demos, we  bring TracMow equipment to your location. We demonstrate its use and effectiveness and show you how to operate it. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the equipment and discuss  equipment choices and recommendations with you.