An Overview of TracMow Mowers

TracMow has several sizes and types of mowers so you can find the best fit for your application.

Each mower can be fitted with optional accessories which expand the mower's capabilities.

Below, we give an overview of the various TracMow products.

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    TracMow Lineup
    Our most powerful moweR

    TracMow 95 PRO

    Features of the TracMow 95 PRO include:

    • Multi-function remote controller with a 650 foot range.
    • Hinged mulching blades
    • 23.1HP Kawasaki Engine
    • 38 inch mowing width
    • GPS ready
    Tracmow model 95

    Comparison of TracMow Mowers

    For a comparison of the specs for each of the TracMow mowers, please download our summary chart (below) on the full line of TracMow Equipment.

    More TracMow Mowers

    TracMow 80 PRO

    The TracMow 80 PRO features a 32 inch mowing width and a 14.5 HP Kawasaki engine.

    It uses hinged mulching blades, similar to the 95 PRO.


    TracMow 70 PRO

    TracMow 70 Pro

    The TracMow 70 PRO is 47 1/2 inches wide and has a mowing width of 28 inches.

    It is TracMow's smallest gasoline-powered mower. It's smaller size makes it useful for mowing in tight spaces.

    TracMow ePower 70 PRO

    The ePower 70 PRO is a fully electric mower. It has a 28-inch cutting width and a 48V 200A (10kW) electric mower.

    It uses hinged mulching blades, similar to the 95 PRO.

    ePower 70 PRO


    TracMow has a variety of optional accessories to expand the capabilities of its mowers.

    Contact us for more detail about which accessories can be used with each TracMow mower.

    Ready to try a Tracmow Mower?

    Contact us to schedule a demo.

    In our demos, we  bring TracMow equipment to your location. We demonstrate its use and effectiveness and show you how to operate it. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the equipment and discuss  equipment choices and recommendations with you.