TracMow Accessories

TracMow has a variety of accessories to expand the capabilities of its mowers.

Compass Servo Drive

GPS Compass Servo Drive 2.0

This accessory lets you record mowing paths and re-use them again and again in the future.

Rear Power Lift

Rear Power Lift

Raise and lower attachments of up to 220 pounds by use of a remote electrical cylinder.

Flex Cut

Flex Cut

This attachment lets you use a blade to trim heavy weeds next to a hard surface, such as a retaining wall, while you are mowing.

Flex trimmer attachment

Flex Trimmer

This attachment lets you trim right up to a hard surface, such as a concrete retaining wall or a fence with a string trimmer while you are mowing.

Multi Function Box

Multi-Function Box

Top-mounted box lets you use the mower to transport up to 45 pounds.

Snow Blade

Snow Blade

Use this 53-inch wide snow blade to plow snow and clear paths with the TracMow mower.

Mixty Sprayer

Mixty Sprayer

This sprayer system allows the TracMow mower to be used as a remote control sprayer.

Compatibility Chart

51-inch Snow Blade 2
Flex Trimmer2
Rear Power Lift System
MiXTY Sprayer System3
Quick Fit Sprayer Set4
Electrical Socket Set
Multi-Function Upper Storage Box
Flex Cut 5
GPS Servo Drive (Special order only)
Orange Paint (Full Unit Safety Paint - Special order only)
  1. Requires Electrical Socket Set
  2. Requires Rear Power Lift System
  3. Requires Quick Fit Sprayer Set
  4. Requires MiXTY Sprayer System
  5. Requires BB-6217012 or BB-6217013 (not shown)
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