TracMow ePower 70 Battery


This mower is fully electric.

ePower 70 PRO

It has a working time of 3 to 5 hours, depending on mowing conditions. Recharging the battery takes only 6 hours using the charger that comes with the unit.

This mower has a 28-inch cutting width and a 48V 200A (10kW) electric mower and uses hinged mulching blades, similar to the 95 EVO.

The remote control unit has a 650-foot range, enabling you to mow steep hills and overgrown areas from a safe location where you will have stable footing.

Remotely start and stop the mower, raise and lower the deck, engage or disengage the PTO, and turn the lights on or off.

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    TracMow Mowers are designed from the ground up for mowing difficult areas.

    Mow Steep Slopes

    TracMow's tracks provide superior traction. Mow steep slopes without tumbling or excessive sliding.

    Mow Soggy Areas

    Tracks distribute TracMow's weight, enabling you to mow flat, wet, soggy areas where a wheeled mower would easily get stuck.

    Much Safer

    Remote controlled, with a 650-foot range. Mowing personnel can stand on safe, level ground with secure footing while mowing with TracMow.


    Powerful engine, heavy-duty frame, adjustable height deck, hinged mulching blade. TracMow makes quick work of light and heavy grass.


    Pressurized lubrication system keeps the engine properly lubricated when operating on steep slopes, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


    The ePower's fully electric drive system prevents any chance of oil leaks, making TracMow safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas or near drinking water reservoirs.

    Easy to Transport

    Load the TracMow mower into the back of a van or a standard-sized pickup truck.


    Low center of gravity and width between the tracks makes TracMow mowers stable even on steep hillsides.

    Easy to Use

    Learning to operate the mower by using the remote controller takes only a few minutes of practice.


    Cutting Width28" (70 cm)
    Engine Torque12.5 foot pounds at 3,000 RPM
    Engine Power10 KW
    Battery Life3 hours
    Cutting systemMulching
    Blade type2 Swing-away mulching blades
    VegetationLight and heavy grass
    Productivity0.75 acres/hour
    GPS Servo Drive CompatibleYes
    Dimensions (W x L x H)47.2" x 53.1" x 25.6"
    Dry Weight794 lbs
    Compacting pressure1.95 lbs/sq. inch

    Optional Accessories

    Compass Servo Drive

    GPS Compass Servo Drive 2.0 and RTK Antenna

    This accessory lets you record mowing paths and re-use them again and again in the future.

    Flex trimmer attachment

    Flex Trimmer

    This attachment lets you trim right up to a hard surface, such as a concrete retaining wall or a fence with a flexible string trimmer while you are mowing. Requires lift system #6217019.

    Ready to try a Tracmow Mower?

    Contact us to schedule a demo.

    In our demos, we  bring TracMow equipment to your location. We demonstrate its use and effectiveness and show you how to operate it. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the equipment and discuss  equipment choices and recommendations with you.